Installation Instructions

Easy to apply in 3 simple steps!


1. Prepare the concrete

  • Sweep Floor
  • Clean and degrease stains and spills
  • Clean and etch (included) the surface
  • Rinse and let dry

2. Mix

  • Mix PERMAGUARD® parts A and B resin for 2-3 minutes

3. Apply to floor

  • Coat floor in 4' x 4' sections
  • Broadcast decorative flake (included) if desired

PERMAGUARD® epoxy floor coatings are designed for the DIY'er (Do-It-Yourself) and are easy to install.  For the best outcome, make sure to read and understand all directions before beginning your project.

Watch a LATICRETE epoxy floor professional walk you through the installation process from floor preparation through application.

Surface Preparation for Concrete Floors

It is very important that your concrete floor is clean, dry and structurally sound. This is important for several reasons, but the main one is that epoxy floor coatings need concrete to be clean and dry in order to bond properly.

To aid you in preparing your basement or garage floor for coatings, included in every kit of PERMAGUARD® MAX and PERMAGUARD® PLUS is a packet of Concrete Cleaner & Etch. Dilute with 2 gallons (7.6L) of water in a pump sprayer or watering can and evenly apply across the floor working in 10’ x 10’ (3m x 3m) sections. Scrub vigorously with a stiff bristle brush paying particular attention to stains or areas of high use. Rinse with clean water and broom or squeegee off any excess.


Allow floor to completely dry. Rub your hand across the floor, feeling for the presence of white dust or powder. If present, re-rinse with clean water and squeegee floor to remove excess. Allow floor to dry and retest.  Repeat if necessary.

Learn how to use PERMAGUARD® Cleaner and Degreaser epoxy concrete floor cleaner to: remove oil stains from concrete, remove tire marks from concrete.

Mixing and Applying the Materials

PERMAGUARD® MAX and PERMAGUARD® PLUS are both pre-packaged in the correct amounts. It’s important not to dilute or alter as this can cause the epoxy floor coating to not adhere or not cure properly. Each can of Part A mixes with a corresponding can of Part B. Using the provided stir stick, combined Part A and B by hand for 2-3 minutes until a uniform color and consistency is achieved. Once mixed, transfer to a paint tray and apply within the stated working time.

If using 2.5 car garage floor epoxy kit or multiple kits, its important to mix only one unit at a time.

Watch LATICRETE concrete flooring experts demonstrate how to properly mix PERMAGUARD® epoxy floor products.

Applying the Coating

Once mixed, PERMAGUARD® MAX and PERMAGUARD® PLUS epoxy floor coatings may be applied by 1/4" nap roller designed for epoxies. Immediately after mixing, pour mixed material into a paint tray. Begin by using a brush or small roller to cut around the perimeter and any penetrations, columns, and any other obstructions. Work backward out of the room coating in small 4' x 4' (1.2 m x 1.2 m) sections. Evenly work the material, spreading it over the surface until completely covered. Move quickly and coat the entire surface within the stated working time.

The process for applying the epoxy floor coating is the same for both PERMAGUARD MAX and PERMAGUARD PLUS. Watch the video below to see how the coating gets applied.

Watch LATICRETE concrete flooring experts walk through the installation process for applying the PERMAGUARD® PLUS epoxy floor system. 

Adding Decorative Chip for an Epoxy Flake Floor (Optional):

PERMAGUARD® Decorative Chip can be added to either PERMAGUARD® MAX or PERMAGUARD® PLUS epoxy floor coatings to create a unique and dynamic pattern on the floor. Once dry, the chips are permanently bonded into the coating and become an integral part of the floor.

Scatter the decorative chip by hand in a “rainfall” pattern to allow them to disperse evenly. Avoid throwing them downward as they will clump and appear uneven.

Each garage floor epoxy kit comes with enough chip to create a light chip pattern. For heavier chip patterns, additional PERMAGUARD Decorative chips may be purchased separately.

Dry Times:

Once coated, the floor must be kept clean until the epoxy floor coating has a chance to dry.

For PERMAGUARD® MAX products, allow the coating to cure for 12-18 hours prior to light foot traffic and 24-36 hours prior to vehicular traffic*.

For PERMAGUARD® PLUS products, allow the coating to cure for 24-36 hours prior to light foot traffic and 72 hours prior to vehicular traffic.

*Note: Times are based on 70°F and 50% RH. Changes in ambient conditions including temperature and humidity may affect drying times. Full cure and physical properties may not be attained until 7 days from date of application.

Epoxy Top Coat (Optional):

For increased durability and toughness, a protective epoxy top coat is recommended. Both PERMAGUARD® MAX Topcoat and PERMAGUARD® PLUS Topcoat will add a seamless clear high gloss finish to your already installed floor. Be sure to match the topcoat with compatible MAX or PLUS base.

Watch LATICRETE concrete flooring experts walk through the installation process for applying a topcoat to your PERMAGUARD® epoxy floor. 

See what PERMAGUARD® MAX Topcoat looks in its finished state in this DIY residential garage epoxy floor project.

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