Posted 01/21/2020 by dspoincelot

What do I do if I have new concrete in a new home?

All new concrete requires a 28 day cure time before PERMAGUARD® Epoxy Garage Coatings can be applied. Make sure your garage or basement concrete floor has cured for the full cure time before application.

After you have waited the 28 days, you may apply PERMAGUARD Epoxy Garage Coatings as directed on the Installation Guides.


Can I coat my basement concrete with PERMAGUARD® Epoxy Garage Coatings?

Yes. PERMAGUARD® Epoxy Garage Coatings may be applied in your basement. Your basement concrete must be sound and in good condition. Then, simply follow the installation instructions that come in your garage floor epoxy kit.


Can PERMAGUARD™ Epoxy Garage Concrete Coatings be applied outdoors?

No, they are for indoor use only.


I did not achieve expected coverage as stated on the data sheet. What happened?

No two concrete slabs are exactly alike. They’re all different. Some concrete is more porous than other slabs and as a result, the more porous concrete will absorb more of the PERMAGUARD® epoxy flooring material than others.

For these reasons, PERMAGUARD epoxy material coverage rates are approximate vs. exact.


How long can I expect my PERMAGUARD® Garage Coating System to last?

With regular maintenance, you can expect your epoxy garage flooring to last for years. For best results, read and follow the recommended maintenance instructions for all PERMAGUARD Garage Coating Systems.