Garage Floor Coating Pro Tips | PERMAGUARD® BLOG

Posted 01/21/2020 by dspoincelot

1. Not all concrete is a good candidate for PERMAGUARD® epoxy garage floor coating systems. Be sure your concrete is clean and structurally sound before you begin your project. While PERMAGUARD epoxy flooring systems are DIY (do-it-yourself), our floor coating experts recommend you have at least one other person help you with your installation. Teaming up on PERMAGUARD epoxy flooring projects ensures that your job runs smoothly, and that you are not alone should you need an extra set of hands.

2. Do not cut corners on your PERMAGUARD project, especially on concrete cleanliness and on concrete surface preparation. The entire success of your garage flooring project is based upon your residential concrete’s cleanliness and its surface prep. Make sure you follow the installation instructions provided to the ‘T’.

3. Be sure to read all PERMAGUARD® Protective Garage Coatings System installation instructions and watch the installation videos before beginning your project. The videos will be especially handy as you get to see the system applied before you actually apply the coatings to your own concrete floor.

4. Remember that technical support is only a phone call away. LATICRETE technical pros are available for phone support Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern time. Call 1-877-379-8351.