Protective Garage Coating | Epoxy Flooring

PERMAGUARD® Protective Garage Coatings are a full line of premium epoxy floor coatings designed for easy homeowner installation. Conveniently packaged in 1 and 2.5 car garage floor coating kits with a variety of color options, they include all materials needed to complete your project. Learn how to transform your garage, basement or workshop with PERMAGUARD.

PERMAGUARD Protective Garage Coatings are installed regularly in residential garages, basements, workshops or anywhere concrete floors are found.

PERMAGUARD epoxy flooring is easy to install


1. Prepare concrete

2. Mix 2-part resin system

3. Apply to floor

Common Questions and Best Practices During Installation

Learn common questions and best practices when installing PERMAGUARD® epoxy flooring in residential garages and basements.

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